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Houses Of Parliament, Sunset 1902

Houses of Parliament, Sunset 1902

Claude Monet

Oil on Canvass

Framed Size

Private Collection

SOLD £5,600


Between 1899-1902 Monet produced nearly 100 views of the Thames River in London. He painted Waterloo Bridge and Charring Cross Bridge from his room at the Savoy Hotel. The series of the Houses Of Parliament were done from St Thomas’s Hospital.


All these paintings were done on identical sizes of canvass, from the same viewpoint, providing a static subject under different lighting conditions. He continued working on the images back in France and sent to London for photographs to help him.


This caused an adverse reaction from the public, Monet is quoted as saying ‘Whether my Cathedral views or my views of London and other canvasses are painted from life or not is nobodies business and of no importance what so ever.