Susie Ray Originals

Copyist Paintings From Susie Ray Originals

Susie Ray Originals' are copies of masterworks thoroughly researched and carefully recreated. Copyist painter Susie Ray personally selects, primes and ages the correct canvas and works with oil paint to ensure not only the look, but also the texture and feel of the painting is as close to the original as possible. Completed paintings are signed by Susie on the back, then mounted in handmade frames selected to enhance the colour, depth and aura of the finished piece.

Susie only ever paints one copy of each painting, making each one a unique original.

Susie Ray Originals are collectable pieces of art in their own right, with many of Susie's earlier copyist paintings performing well on resale at auction. Susie mostly works to commissions and prices are based on the time each art work takes to produce, rather than size or style.

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